Sunday, January 8, 2012

You must get PMP certification

People who are thinking about getting PMP certified, I recommend them to stop thinking and start acting. You should not spend more time in thinking because the decision is very simple and you have to get certified.
For further clarification I summarize the top seven reasons for making PMP certification your number one priority for this year:
 1.  PMP certification has become mandatory for many Project Management jobs and preferable choice for the rest. If you search for any Project Management related job, you will find PMP as a mandatory requirement in many cases. So get certified, get qualified for future project management jobs.
 2.  PMP demonstrates your commitment towards Project Management profession. Does PMP certification ensure whether the person is a good project manager? No, we can have good uncertified project managers who can perform as per expectations where some certified project managers might not perform, but the certification guarantees that the person is committed to project management profession. So get certified and demonstrate your commitment to project management skill.
 3.  If you are working as a Project Manager or you aspire to be Project Manager then you do not have any reason for not doing it. And yes, it requires some investment of money and time but the payback period is also very short sometimes less than a year. So this investment doesn't only have short payback period but also has high Internal Rate of Return, so go for it.
 4.  PMP is also getting very popular as a Qualification for the Project Managers. On an average, 5000 people are getting certified every month. If you want to be a part of such an elite group of project managers, so go for it.
 5.  Preparation for PMP certification will expose you to mainstream thinking on project management standards, techniques, best practices, and current trends. It is especially helpful for the people who are from technical background and working as project managers.  So if you want to know what matters the most while managing projects and what are the available or required tools and techniques for this? So go for it.
 6.  PMP certification process also introduces you to many networking opportunities and once you get certified you will also get the access to many more networking platforms.  It depends on you that how much you grab out of this. It’s a proven fact that networking helps people to grow in their professional life. So go for it.
 7. PMP will also boost your self-confidence and differentiate YOU from other project managers.
Hopefully you are convinced for getting certified but may be thinking about how to go for it? For this, we are organizing one event “How to crack PMP smartly” on 26 Feb 2012 in Delhi. People from NCR region (Delhi, Gurgaon and NOIDA) can easily participate and for the rest we are open to share our presentation material. It’s a free event and it will help you in making project plan for your PMP certification goal. Take action Register NOW.

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