Product: Issue Tracking

Tracker is an easy-to-use issue tracking solution which can be configured for various industries like Recruitment, Real state , Insurance etc.

This software is in Beta state and completely free , it has no pricing model other than free. This has only Free edition. We welcome your feedback and customization requests. Its a stage where we want to get this tool used.

This tool is developed using google’s  cloud platform and it is hosted on Google App Engine. The usage of GAE is free for small and mid size company and more capacity can be bought from google as per need basis.

Features Highlights :

  • The software is hosted on cloud so you can use it anywhere, you just need an internet connectivity.
  • The software work on concept of Project and tracker, you can have many projects and each project can have many trackers, for example if I take a real state project , you may create one tracker to track the customer leads and other to track the payment from the builder.
  • This software allows configurable master code parts, you can have upto five masters which you want to map with issue, we will configure this for you initially.
  • You can create many workflows and workflow needs to be assigned to tracker
  • Issues can be created as fresh or you can copy the existing issue / lead and update it.
  • Change history of issues is tracked, you can see all change history of an issue.
  • Comments can be added on issue, even you can comment on closed issue.
  • You can watch issue, one watching you get notification on changes made
  • Only assigned users in the project can see the project issues.
  • Password is encrypted and security access has been implemented.
  • It has many status reporting reports with graph.
  • To facilitate quick discovery of issue we have developed extensive search options, software provides 
  • Instant Query by Issue ID, saving of filter criteria with many fields. Search with keywords etc.
  • The software supports strong notification feature.
How to Proceed?
You need to take two steps for that, see the demo and get it configured.

  • Send a demo request to
  • The demo request should include some details about type of issues/ leads you want to track and number of user you wish to configure
Get software hosted
  • You need to create google app engine account ( its free
  • Add in your team
  • We will host the app in your appengine account
  • Start using